How to recognize dealer’s black cards in blackjack

The components of a successful game of a sharpie are sleight of hand, deceit, and the ability to play on other people’s emotions, the ability to be convincing. Such a set of qualities helps to determine which cards are in the hands of the dealer and players.

Able to conduct analysis quickly increase the 파워볼 of winning. However, one problem remains: the probability of losing is high, which prompts us to come up with new methods to deceive the dealer, violating the rules of the casino and the criminal code often.

Peeping the second card

A guessed card in blackjack brings instant profit – bets are made quickly, the duration of the game for one con is small. Because of this, new methods of peeping cards began to appear.

Even in the pre-war time, after permission of the authorities to open a casino, the first masters of using the described method appeared in the USA. The croupier needs to see the card that he is giving out, and scammers use it, choosing a place convenient for observation. The only solution so far is the use of an electronic reader, showing which card is now in the hands of the dealer. However, not all casinos and gaming houses acquired it – expensive pleasure. Some casinos do not consider the costs justified, which gives scammers a field for their activities.

Fraud Methods

Even the most prominent dodger is not able to do it all on his own, and you have to work in a team. One is playing at the table, and the second is located in another place with the ability to observe the actions of the croupier. From a distance, a team member saw the cards held by the dealer, which only a person with good vision was good at.

The following method worked if the dealer giving the cards does his job sloppy, and the scammers see the value of the cards in his hands. It remained to choose the most convenient place, depending on what angle the croupier lifts the deck. The scammers had different tasks, and one of them was to find a suitable casino employee who was able, unwillingly, to play along with the team, due to the low level of professionalism.


Excessive attention to the actions and hands of the dealer can cause suspicion even among the most simple-minded people; such employees will not tolerate such employees in a casino or gaming house. The cheaters dressed or caps or glasses to hide the focus of their gaze. I had to dodge and come up with ways to justify the tilt of the body towards the croupier. If a casino employee senses something, confirming suspicions will not work. It is not for nothing that law enforcement officials speak of the high ingenuity of fraudsters in their talents, which, unfortunately, are used for the wrong purposes.

The current state of affairs

Despite the use of technology, fraudsters continue to spy on cards, not limited to blackjack. So, sitting down to play poker or another game, there is a chance to be in the neighborhood of a sharpie.In addition, fraudsters do not lag behind in the use of technology – miniature-sized cameras and other tools are put at their service. The prevalence of technical knowledge allows you to mount suitable equipment independently.

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