Why (and How) You Need to 3-Bet More

Size On Your Bets

Calling stations generally have inelastic calling ranges. This implies that in most areas they’ll call a bet irrespective of how large or little it is.

We can exploit this trend by using situs tangkas sizes with our worth bets. Savvy players could pick on sizing informs such as this over time, however poorer players will seldom give it another thought.

This Last hand illustrates how important It’s to really go for maximum value when it is there for the taking:

MP folds. CO folds. BTN folds. Villain (SB) increases to $1.50. Villain calls.

Villain checks. Hero checks.

Villain checks. SB calls.

Villain checks.

After Villain checks for another time around the turn, then apartments our postponed c-bet, we could greatly discount two-pair+ out of his range. Given just how connected the plank is, we would anticipate the hands to be performed as direct or check-raises on the flip side.

Once the river bricks, we’re convinced we’ve got the best hands and so we dimensions up to exploit Villain’s trend to over-call. The simple fact that the competition calls nearly a 2x pot bet on the lake using second-pair, despite obstructing our most probably bluffs, is evidence of exactly how punishable calling channels are.

There is also something to be said for its polarized character of bigger bet dimensions. As soon as an overbet is utilized, we’re signaling to our competitor we have a very powerful hand or total air. Because of this, gamers will still phone down with marginal bluff-catchers.

Since we’re likely to be more value-heavy versus calling channels, using bigger bet sizes in polarized situations will be rather powerful.

To recap, make these alterations to crush calling channels:

Tone down your bluffing frequency

Proceed for thin worth as often as you can

Use big bet sizes with powerful hands to exploit their Inclination to over-call

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